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  • Helen Mort reading my poem 'Salt on the Lips' from The Calder Valley Codex - Video edited by Claire Trévien:

Click here for the 'Salt on the Lips' Video

  • Performing 'Hutch' @Evidently Salford:

Click here for the 'Hutch' video

  • A video 'Celebration' of my work - lovingly crafted by Caterpillar Poetry

Click here for the 'The Long Way Home: A Celebration of the Poetry of Steve Nash' video

  • The Guardian Witness Spoken Word Project Page - Kieren King kindly uploaded my reading of 'The Good Book' which won with the most votes:

Click here to find 'The Good Book'

  • A video by Maciej Piatek using words from my work and others for Artsbridge:

Click here for 'Liberte'

  • A Recording of 'Twins' @ Away With Words:

Click here for 'Twins'


  • A review of my wee book in One&Other Magazine:

Click here for the One&Other Review

  •  A review of the book in Soundsphere Magazine:

Click here for the Soundsphere review

  • On the Radio with Mycall Isrell:

Click here for the full radio show

  • An Interview with Write Out Loud:

Click here for the full Interview

  • The Saboteur Awards Review and Round-up:

Click here for the article

  • A review of my general rambling in Ryburn Ramblings:

Click here for the Ryburn Ramblings article

  • A feature on me and my big face in Soundsphere:

Click here for the Soundsphere Spotlight

  • An interview with One&Other:

Click here for the One&Other interview

  • A feature in the York Press:

  • And another one:

Click here for the York Press article

  • A Feature in the Derbyshire Times:

Click here for the Derbyshire Times Article

  • A feature in the YorkMix:

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