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Steve Nash Writes
Saboteur Award Winner - Performer of the Year






Performing with Hollie McNish on the 12th September. More details at the folling link:

Performing with Hollie McNish on the 12th September.
More details at the folling link:


Taking the Long Way Home is the work of a rare artist with a fire in his head, but it is also an important addition to poetry in the English language. It is cutting edge without being pompous, it is technically brilliant whilst remaining accessible, it’s intelligent without being pretentious. In short it is one of the finest first collections I’ve ever encountered and it deserves your time and attention.”
- One and Other Magazine

'Steve Nash's poems speak with a 'feral tongue', honouring the Calder valley, a landscape of breathing chimneys, swooning moors and night-sky stories. This collection celebrates the desire paths we forge through language as well as through landscape. The poems of The Calder Valley Codex make you 'press your ear to the page' and listen truly'
- Helen Mort

'Steve Nash's life has been that of a wanderer, like a rolling stone or a troubadour. His poetry, with its welcome diversity of forms and subjects, leaves, to quote the Rock Poet's words in a fine poem about snow: 'footprints' that invite the reader to follow.'
- Debjani Chatterjee, MBE

‘The whole collection feels like sitting up at four in the morning after getting back from a club, when everyone else has gone home, thinking about friends, with a slight headache that will go away with the next glass of whiskey. That's a good thing.’
- Steve Toase


"Steve brings laughter, not just giggles.  Think boiling water rather than tepid."
- Uni of York Poetry Society Review

'Whether weighty or whimsical, the poems that make up Steve Nash's first collection are finely tuned to the physicality of his world: the scuff of a match, a paperback pummelled into a pocket, the throb of iron-heavy blood. It is this tactile immediacy that keeps these crackling in the memory long after the book is closed.'
- Oz Hardwick

‘after reading Steve’s collection of poetry those who disliked, hated or felt general apathy towards poetry will be transformed and converted.’

- Soundsphere Magazine

'Millstone grit and the shadow of the industrial earnestness sing the song of the upper Calder valley. Steve Nash writes about these 'edgelands' with skill and artistry, captures the idiolect of their 'haunted geography' in sharp, relevant imagery and thoughtful, precise language. These are very fine poems indeed. I have enjoyed them immensely. You will too.'
- Bob Horne


‘Salt on the Lips’ Read by Helen Mort, Video by Claire Trévien